Off To the Races!

Hello and welcome aboard the team!

It is an honor to have you beside us in the coming months. We’re excited to keep you updated on everything we do as we prototype and build Terminus, the first to come in a long line of innovative underwater robotic platforms.

Now if the idea of young engineers building exploratory underwater robots excites you, makes you curious, or gives you hope for humanity, you’re going to love who we are. Yonder Deep (or just Deep) is a fully undergraduate run organization at UCSD founded with one vision,

To empower students to make tangible differences in research, by inspiring life-long experience through underwater robotics.

Within our first weeks of coming together as a group, we made headway into the world of oceanography and research. The prospects of helping climate researchers globally excited us more than any free food the university could provide. Grant Deane, a world-class glaciologist at the Scripps Institute of Oceanography (SIO), providing us the chance to design, build, and deploy our robots in the Arctic the summer of 2018.

Now in the next 4 months we aim to build a low-cost, 3D printed ROV/AUV, capable of arctic research. Our work in this field will help lower the barrier to entry in the field of oceanography and allow for more robust research missions into hostile environments. With the deployment cost of ROVs and AUVs increasing with their growing complexity, building a near “disposable” unit that allows for researchers to focus more on the data than the hardware, is something we hope to achieve.

What are we up to now?

After an intense period of research and ideation, the team has started rapidly prototyping the first proof of concepts, and working out kink in our designs.

From Left to Right: A first edition mini Hull print used to gauge out sizings before larger prints (left). A test print Hull (middle). A “completely intentional” failed print, from the viewpoint of a disappointed mechanical team member (right).

Within the next weeks, you’ll be able to witness our first pressure and buoyancy tests alongside videos detailing our 3D print treatment process. Thank you for sticking through our first project update!

Our first meeting with Grant Deane. The day was filled with stories of Bears and Glaciers.

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