Pre-Finals Update!

These last few weeks have been a whirlwind of progress and research!

Software Updates:

  • We can send serial data over web-sockets and control arduino boards through Ethernet. Transitioning to a wireless link soon.
  • Data transfer is nearly instantaneous but we still need to see wireless functionality.

Mechanical Updates:

  • Finishing up Pressure Hull for testing on Saturday. Once that passes the test, other teams should be able to use the hull.
  • Decided G-Flex resin works well. XTC resin results are inconclusive. Using G-flex for our current Pressure Hull.
  • Printed a part of the hull to mount the thrusters and cable penetrators. Modifying designs to make screwing in thrusters easier.

Electrical Updates:

  • Created voltage step down design for all four batteries. Need further tests to determine voltage draw from sensors.
  • Simulated wiring for the rasp pi’s (using one battery).
  • Decided on voltage regulator for circuits.

Oceanographic Updates:

  • Researched and decided upon Brine tests methods, should be implementation on Saturday.
  • ArcGIS maps developed mapping sea currents in the area. (Soon to be added to the website!)

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